RESOLUTION 01 OF 06/09/2010

The President of "INSTITUTO LOBO PARA O DESENVOLVIMENTO DA EDUCAÇÃO, DA CIÊNCIA E DA TECNOLOGIA", according to his statutory attributions and as laid out in the Statute:

  • In Clause 4 that defines as the foremost purpose of "INSTITUTO LOBO" “to create, maintain and direct activities and institutions involved in actions concerning education, teaching at all levels, health, research, the environment, means of social communication, radio and television and other kinds of media’” and also “publicize cultural, scientific and technological knowledge through teaching, meetings, seminars, workshops, reunions, studies, works, reports, publications and so on”;
  • In Clause 5 that, “having been taken into account what has been laid out regarding the matter and by deliberation of the Administrative Council, "INSTITUTO LOBO" can maintain educational, cultural units, projects and undertakings anywhere in the country, establishing its activities anywhere in the country, in conformity with the relevant legislation, as long as answerable to this Sponsor and approved by the authorities,” and in its Single Paragraph that the “educational and cultural units, projects and undertakings mentioned are to be administered directly by "INSTITUTO LOBO" or in cooperation with public, private, national or international organizations”;
  • In Clause 6 that "INSTITUTO LOBO", by a written agreement “can participate in the existence and running of institutions whose activities are in accord with its statutory purposes, even if belonging to other natural or legal persons, including government agencies”; and
  • In Clause 8, Single Paragraph, that “the dedication to the above activities may also be seen through the relinquishment of physical, human and financial resources, or else through offering intermediary services of support to other nonprofit as well as other organizations, agencies and corporations, national orinternational of the public or private sector”.



  • To present to the eminent Administrative Council to be discussed and approved in the meeting called for on June 9, 2010, at its headquarters, the proposal to create the "INSTITUTO LOBO" UNIDADE DE EDUCAÇÃO CONTINUADA E COOPERAÇÃO INTERNACIONAL, which will be likewise named LOBOEDUC.
  • To describe, in this Resolution, the regulations of LOBOEDUC, which once approved by the eminent Administrative Council become the constitutive ordinance of LOBOEDUC for all legal matters.



Clause n. 1 – The UNIDADE DE EDUCAÇÃO CONTINUADA E COOPERAÇÃO INTERNACIONAL- LOBOEDUC is an Operational Unit of "INSTITUTO LOBO", without its own legal configuration, which thus comes to be part officially of the "INSTITUTO LOBO" structure, subordinated directly to the Presidency and managed at a high level by the Vice-Presidency.

Single Paragraph – LOBOEDUC may, however, by decision of the Presidency, have its own director designated Executive Coordinator, proposed and nominated by the President and duly under the applicable contract according to the CLT ((Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho) and others for the management of courses, programs and areas.

Clause n. 2 – The objective of LOBOEDUC is to contribute to the educational improvement of professionals and of the Brazilian population in general, by means of its net of contacts and national and international reputation, offering courses and programs of Continuous Education – in its widest sense, various modalities, times of duration and scope – of a high level and among the best found in Brazil or abroad to answer the specific needs of a well defined clientele.

Single Paragraph – In order to reach its goal LOBOEDUC may develop and run programs by itself or in partnership with different and suitable types of public or private institutions, academic bodies, corporations, governmental agencies, 3 syndicates, and other organizations that will allow LOBOEDUC to unite supply and demand, content and technology, and even human resources and/or materials that will support the excellence and viability of its courses and programs.

Clause n. 3 – The future activities of LOBOEDUC will be in principle courses and programs in classroom modules, blended learning and/or distance learning:

  • of short duration – in all areas and formats and for the public in general according to specific working needs - whichever the level of formal education of target public;
  • of professional formation and qualification for direct and indirect management of corporations, of technical and technological certification of staff and others also involved in the implementation and innovation of products and processes;
  • of extension and graduation sensu lato (or specialization) in partnership with Brazilian or foreign “Instituições de Ensino Superior” (Institutions of Higher Education);
  • as a result of programs of international cooperation and/or interchange in partnerships/representations with important foreign universities among the best in the world, to offer to different target publics (persons, corporative groups, with the intermediary of associations, confederations, unions and other bodies of organized society), which may also be specifically customized/adapted according to each course project of LOBOEDUC (with the backing of the operational arms of partners), and may include interchange of students and teachers looking, whenever possible, for certification;
  • of corporative education, aiming at capacitating and /or training in specialized techniques and contents tailor made to answer the needs of corporations, confederations, federations, associations, syndicates, federal, state or municipal government, or groups of persons and/or staff;
  • offering disciplines in general or as dependence and tutorial, or complementation of modules and/or specialized disciplines with national or international content of programs offered by Brazilian IES (Institutions of Higher Education);
  • of capacitation for managers, teachers, tutors and students in education, specially higher education; and
  • of general knowledge and/or development of abilities and competence that are fundamental or complemental to formal education and that allow for an upgrade in personal, social and professional life.

Single Paragraph – LOBOEDUC, just as it may import content from more advanced institutions, may likewise export to countries that consider Brazil a reference in the area, or that wish to receive the contents imported for Brazilian programs.

Clause n. 4 – The administration of UNIDADE DE EDUCAÇÃO CONTINUADA E COOPERAÇÃO INTERNACIONAL – LOBOEDUC is the administration of "INSTITUTO LOBO" with the coordination and academic guidance of Lobo & Associados Consultoria e Participação Ltda, which is the corporation that has the expertise. This is indicated in the proposal of LOBOEDUC, a document entitled “Justification and Vision of LOBOEDUC” that was presented to the Administrative Council for discussion.

§ 1 - Lobo & Associados Consultoria will receive as specific payment for services stipulated in the “caput”, in accordance with the plan of each program or course, a percentage not over 40% (forty per cent) of the liquid results lf the activities fulfilled by LOBOEDUC – without any detriment of the payment for academic activities, or for lecturing by its directors or specialized guest speakers as natural persons – the payment taking place always and only by means of a receipt specifically issued by the Consultoria.

§ 2 - In order to fulfill its administrative role, LOBOEDUC may also make use of permanent or temporary contracts of corporations or professionals that operate in the areas of organization, accounting, finances or business. For academic activities it may, whenever convenient, outsource services related to production, execution and transmission of contents in different types of media, or others necessary to the implementation of courses or programs.

Clause n. 5 - Partnerships for academic and other activities must be the result of an agreement, contract or other judicial form that establishes rights and duties of parts, being fair and reasonable that, depending on the case, moneys are passed to one of the partners or reciprocally between partners, according to what is specified in each instrument, as reimbursement of expenses, payment of obligations or achievement of goals and academic and financial results.

Clause n. 6 - Since LOBOEDUC has no judicial personality, all agreements, contracts and civil acts must be carried out through "INSTITUTO LOBO", in the form specified in its Statute.

§ 1 - As set out in the “caput”, it is viewed as legitimate the use of INSTITUTO LOBO’s physical, human and material structures for the activities of LOBOEDUC, being predicted when necessary the tax of administration, or overhead fixed for covering such costs, according to the type of activity and the existence or not of partners that make use of these conditions.

§ 2 - The direct revenues generated by LOBOEDUC activities must be concentrated in a specific bank account of “INSTITUTO LOBO” so as to perfect the mechanics of receipt, billing and rendering of accounts and, consequently, management, control and analysis of its viability and self- support.

Clause n. 7 – Activities related to courses, workshops and programs carried out by "INSTITUTO LOBO", on its own or in partnership with other institutions or corporations, henceforth are part of the UNIDADE DE EDUCAÇÃO CONTINUADA E COOPERAÇÃO INTERNACIONAL – LOBOEDUC.

Clause n. 8 – As of now, the UNIDADE DE EDUCAÇÃO CONTINUADA E COOPERAÇÃO INTERNACIONAL – LOBOEDUC is allowed to make use of the "INSTITUTO LOBO" site not only to divulge its activities related to courses, workshops and programs carried out on its own or in partnership with other institutions or corporations, but also to configure itself through e-commerce for the commercialization of activities by the internet, having the permission as well to make use of links with partners, sponsors or supporters of "INSTITUTO LOBO" and LOBOEDUC.

Clause n. 9 -LOBOEDUC is required to act in accordance with both the Brazilian legislation on education whenever applicable, concerning offer of courses, and the legislation of whatever country it may work with as a partner in activities and courses

Single Paragraph – The copyright for any course, program or academic activity of LOBOEDUC will be guaranteed according to law directly to the author(s), or in accord with a specific agreement between the author(s) and LOBOEDUC, and in case of authorship of LOBOEDUC, it will be the property of "INSTITUTO LOBO".

Clause n. 10 - LOBOEDUC may have its structure organized, modified, or terminated by the "INSTITUTO LOBO" Board of Directors, in answer to market demands, the capacity of attendance and institutional viability.

Clause n. 11 – Remiss cases or disagreements that may eventually occur will be settled and resolved by the Presidency of "INSTITUTO LOBO".

Clause n. 12 – All existing dispositions contrary to this Resolution are hereby suspended.

Mogi das Cruzes, june 9, 2010.


Roberto Leal Lobo e Silva Filho

Resolution unanimously endorsed by the Instituto Lobo illustrious
Administrative Council at the meeting on 9 July 2010.

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